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On this page is a collection of useful procedures and guides that you can use to assist in various tasks.

Update from old Security Mode[edit]

This procedure will migrate systems onto a new security model.

It covers updating from sec_id based records in zz_record_security to being in zz_[table name]_rs tables and limiting to one sec_id per 'target/permission' combination.

Creating a New System[edit]

Creating a brand new system in Zymonic, including potential pitfalls and issues. This guide assumes that you already have Zymonic functioning correctly (ie you're not setting zymonic itself up from scratch)

Installing Zymonic from Scratch[edit]

Permissions System[edit]

A guide to understanding how the permissions system works and additionally an evolving style guide for getting the best out of a supremely flexible permission system.

Connecting Superset[edit]

A guide to understanding the connection to Apache Superset.

Setting up an OAuth Server[edit]

Zymonic can act as an OAuth server; the above is a guide to setting it up.

Writing XML to have Interdependent Require Fields[edit]

Where either one field or another (but only one field) must be filled in.

Temporary Password Generation[edit]

Zymonic has the capability of generating temporary (One Time) Passwords - click the above link for details.

Background processing transition actions[edit]

Zymonic has the capability of processing a transition's actions in the background to make the UI more responsive. The guide linked above can be used if things go wrong.

Setting up the Scheduler[edit]

The scheduler is the Zymonic equivalent of cron - it allows processes and filters to occur on a schedule.