Update from old Security Mode

From Zymonic

This procedure will migrate systems onto a new security model.

It covers updating from sec_id based records in zz_record_security to being in zz_[table name]_rs tables and limiting to one sec_id per 'target/permission' combination.

Update Procedure:
This procedure has been designed with minimum downtime; the UI should be fully usable up until the resecure step and largely useable (see the * below) until the 'update_fap' step. The full resecure takes approx 1 hour on July's P&P live data.

Check if there are any systems with pure numeric sec_ids left, i.e., last config build before March 2013 (check timestamp of /etc/zymonic/[system]/cache/*) - if you identify systems with a last config build before that then email developers@zednax.com to ask for guidance before continuing.

  1. Zymobuild
    sudo zymobuild
  2. Config build
    sudo zymonic_toolkit.pl System config_build --system SYSTEM
  3. Resecure all tables (leaves them with entries in both tables)*
    sudo zymonic_toolkit.pl Security resecure --system SYSTEM --zname '*' --unsecured true --debugfile=/tmp/full_resecure.log
  4. Run detect security mode
    sudo zymonic_toolkit.pl System detect_record_security_modes --system SYSTEM --debugfile /tmp/detect_security.log
  5. Do a full update_fap
    sudo zymonic_toolkit.pl System update_fap --system SYSTEM --full yes
  6. Config build
    sudo zymonic_toolkit.pl System config_build --system SYSTEM

If at all possible adding new entries / changing existing entries in tables that are connected to 'groups' e.g. eBex areas, regions, companies and P&P clients should be avoided from the beginning of resecure until the end of the final config build - if changes are made then an additional resecure after the last config build should solve any resulting issues.

From starting update_fap to completing the config build the system will be unusable as there will be no accessible pages and all the menus will be empty.