How does Zymonic work?

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Zymonic is comprised of a large number of Perl scripts (as well as some XSL and JavaScript) that can interpret XML to produce systems as seen on the 'What is Zymonic?' page.

What is the goal?[edit]

Allows you to build complex systems, and have Zymonic interpret the XML to: produce HTML, capture data and retrieve/export data to/from a database. This makes it easier to build complex systems that interact with databases.

How does it work?[edit]

An XML document is written describing a system, and includes elements that layout the structure of the Zymonic objects needed. The Zymonic objects are identified with their ZName. Zymonic then interprets the XML, and combines it with data entered by the user and data from the database to produce output XML. This output XML is formatted by XSL stylesheets to produce the HTML and hence the website displayed to the user (see below).