Temporary Password Generation

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Temporary Password Generation[edit]

Also known as OTP or One Time Passwords.

This only works if using DB based authentication (the default on most systems).

System Set-up[edit]

The one time password system options (temp_password and temp_password_expiry) must be set - the expiry can be left at the default or adjusted as desired.

Messaging must be configured in /etc/zymonic/daemon.conf e.g.

 # Modules must include messaging
 # Messaging systems is a list of systems on the server that require messaging
 # Time before sending each message

The zymonic_daemon must be running e.g.

 sudo perl /usr/local/bin/zymonic_daemon.pl & disown

User set-up[edit]

If your users are given a username that is their email address then no additional set-up is required.

If your users do not have a username that is their email address then you will need to manually add a contact for them. Use the 'Contacts List' and create a new entry as follows:

Zymonic contact editor screenshot

The two fields that must be set are the user and email address - all other fields are optional and in the case of the Contact List fields show only be set if you understand what they are for and how they will cause the system to behave.

Logging and Diagnostics[edit]

The messages will be place in the zz_messages table and that table will have the status of the message and details of it including the contact id - which links to the zz_contacts table.

Logs of what happened to the message will be in /var/log/zymonic_daemon/Messaging/