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Zymonic Daemon[edit]

The zymonic daemon is a generic daemon which will handle zymonic functionality which needs to run as a daemon, i.e. as a background process. Currently the only functionality used by it is Locking and Messaging.

If a system it not using Locking or Messaging then there is no need to configure and run the daemon. However, if the system is using Locking or Messaging then the configuration is required and the daemon should be running, otherwise the system will produce errors on usage, e.g. cannot find daemon settings, missing parameters for locking.

IMPORTANT: If using locking, ensure Zymonic Caches are correctly setup and the dependent modules are all installed.


The configuration file for the zymonic daemon can be found at:


If it does not exist it should be created. This file can contains settings for all daemon modules run by Zymonic.

Name Type Required Default Description
modules comma-separated list Yes N/A Used to specify which modules should be loaded and run by the daemon.
log_directory string No /var/log/zymonic_daemon Used to specify which directory log field should go to.

In additional to the general settings above, each module will have it's own settings.


Name Type Required Default Description
locking_type string Yes N/A U sed to specify which locking cache type to use. Current options are Memcached and Redis. See Zymonic Caches. If using Redis then daemon needs to be run as root.
locking_host string Yes N/A Used to specify which machine to start locking process running on.
locking_port int Yes N/A Used to specify which port to start locking process running on.


Name Type Required Default Description
messaging_systems comma-separated list Yes N/A List of system names which use messaging.
outgoing_message_process_wait int No 1 How long to wait between checks for outgoing messages, in seconds.

An example config file is:


Checking for Crashes[edit]

In the log files there should be a message like this:

Started outgoing message handling process for system ztsm: 8379

The number at the end is a system PID. This can be checked to see if its running like this:

$ ps 8379
 8379 pts/2    S      0:00 perl /usr/local/bin/zymonic_daemon.pl

If there is nothing listed then the process has crashed. Restart the daemon. The PID specific log files should then have further details as to what went wrong.


To run the daemon simply run:

sudo perl /usr/local/bin/zymonic_daemon.pl & disown


To safely stop the running daemon run:

kill -SIGTERM [daemon process id]

This will correctly cleanup and stop the daemon.