Setting up an OAuth Server

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Setting up an OAuth Server[edit]

Enable the following system option: zz_oauth_enabled

Create one or more 'scopes' via the OAuth Scope List - the critical thing is to make sure that the 'webservicemode' options are set to allow any uses that the third party site will need, most often this will just be process and filter.

Then create an OAuth client entry via the OAuth Client List e.g.

Details for the Client[edit]

The credentials for an OAuth client are:

 client name : [from OAuth Client Maintenance]
 client_id : [from OAuth Client Maintenance]
 client_secret : [from OAuth Client Maintenance]
 oauth scope : [from OAuth Client Maintenance]

Depending on the library you use then you may need some or all of the above.

The URIs are:

 'access_token_url': 'https://[hostname]/zymonicmp/[system]/oauth/token',
 'authorize_url': 'https://[hostname]/zymonicmp/[system]/oauth/authorize'          
 'api_base_url': 'https://[hostname]/zymonicmp/[system]/oauth/',