HTML Fields

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HTML fields use a third party plugin CK Editor

This is stored in the repo (javascript/ckeditor)


To update ckeditor in the repo:

  • find file in the repo build-config.js, within there will be a link that looks like this:
    Straight download link to the latest version of CKEditor (Optimized) with the same setup as before.
  • go visit link to download the latest version
  • copy into repo and let it replace existing files
  • do a diff of config.js and copy the extra settings from the end into the new file, should be something like this:
	config.startupFocus = 'true';

	config.title = false;
	// force entities to be encoded, translates   (which fails validation) to   (which doesn't)
	config.entities_processNumerical = 'force';
	// add the autogrow plugin
	config.extraPlugins = 'autogrow';
	config.autoGrow_onStartup = true;
  • check diff that there is nothing in plugins or skins directories that have been removed (changed/added is ok)
  • commit the changes in a new SR
    • IMPORTANT: ensure impact of the SR mentioned that users will need to clear their browser caches
  • a change is needed to ckeditor.js to set a global variable, if it is not preserved by the update, then add
window.CKEDITOR_BASEPATH = '/ckeditor/';

to the top of the file.

It is recommended that you then update a single machine to check the update is working and then compare to an un-updated machine to check same options are all present and nothing has been lost