Guidelines for Editing/Creating

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Welcome to the the wiki! Please read through these guidelines for creating content.

General Formatting Rules[edit]

Whilst creating content, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Ensure no private company or client data is leaked onto the wiki. Take special care on:
    • Screenshots - ensure that all screenshots only contain data that is relevant (remove web addresses, block out user names and server names and check all text/imagery for private data).
    • Commands and Code - please do not screenshot code or commands, as it is more likely to reveal sensitive data and is not as easy for someone to be able to follow.
  • There are several pre-made HTML templates made you can use.
    If you make a div with an class="boxed" it will create this box using CSS

    If you create a div with id="get_links" and leave the div empty of text it will use JavaScript to get all the page links in the main body of text and put them into a table at the top right of the page
  • Please do not screenshot code or command line interfaces onto the wiki, as they are harder to follow and are at more risk of leaking data. Please use:
    This is done by inserting "<pre>" and "</pre>" around your code. For example, a piece of code to print text in Perl would be typed like:

    print "Hello, world.\n";

    Once saved, this would look like:

    print "Hello, world.\n";

    If you have any queries about code formatting, speak to a fellow developer - a fresh pair of eyes can make things a lot easier.

  • To add a table to list page links on said page, use the following:
    <div id="get_links"></div>

    This adds a box as demonstrated on the right of this page.

    An example used on a normal page is here.